FASHION FROM ABROAD: When The Wedge Met The Sneakers

Fashion From Abroad

With one step upon the Texas A&M International University grounds, it is very apparent that I am somewhere quite far from the realm of a typical college student, where oversized T-shirts and workout attire reigned proud and ever present. A hot latte and a mere five minutes later and I have already spotted a gutsy Fashionista adorned in indescribably perfect attire for the somewhat bipolar weather this region is prone to. She is living proof that seemingly intimidating pieces, her fur vest, for instance (or even more striking to the naked eye, her take on H&M’s acclaimed sneaker wedge) can totally be feasible for a campus coffee date, a quick study session or the never-ending trek to your Business Marketing class.

The key to pulling off such attention garnering pieces is none other than simplicity. As this Fashionista demonstrated effortlessly, a cool vintage T-shirt and some basic black leggings keep her ensemble fashion forward and fresh. My hat goes off to this Fashionista for taking a risk and sporting her sneaker wedges for all their glory, for I am a true believer in fearless fashion. It is such risky decision that can take any outfit from mundane to extraordinary.

I am a firm believer in the power of statement jewelry, and it is such a gratifying feeling to stumble upon a fellow Fashionista who feels the same way. This charming array of bracelets was picked up in various locations in Mexico, but thankfully there are a few shops stateside that can help you achieve this look. Layer on cool bracelets like these and you will be well on your way to an arm party. Top it off with a this great vest and you will most certainly be able to tackle anything the spring semester has in store, grueling exams and all!


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