FASHION FROM ABROAD: When In Doubt, Color It Out

Fashion From Abroad

Have you ever been to Seville, Spain? Ever corner of this city is absolutely beautiful. The streets are winding roads of colorful buildings with ornate balconies and architecture. There is something very fun and lively about the city. It’s always bustling and hardly anyone ever drives a car. I understand why now, and of course, that is better for me. I can spot my next Fashionista much more easily.

Winters in Seville are very mild but you would never be able to tell from photos. The streets are filled with Fashionistas rocking fur coats and chunky combat boots. The contrast between the vintage city and modern style is something straight out of a dream.

Now the weather seems to fluctuate a lot here. It’s very cold in the morning but by the afternoon your sweater makes you feel like you are in a sauna. I for one may be used to this (I am from Texas) but for other study abroad students this feels like a challenge.

This Fashionista seems to have the right idea about light layers and a bit of color. Her outfit is simple enough to be able to throw on and head to class but she fits right in with all of her fashionable Spanish colleagues. The main focus of her outfit is her cranberry colored pants. This pop of color takes her outfit from normal to fun. She adds an incredible scarf that brings together her whole look and layers a light neutral cardigan for the ever-changing weather.

When in doubt, stick to the basics and add one item of interest. I usually like to do that with a bit of color like this Fashionista does. Good luck!


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