FASHION FROM ABROAD: Wearing the World.

Fashion From Abroad

Traveling the world has so many perks, and if you’re lucky enough, you will be given the opportunity to hop from country to country for the experience of a lifetime. A common way for tourists to remember the places they’ve been is to collect souvenirs. Most people typically aim for the keychain or “I Love Rome” coffee mug, but this Fashionista is literally wearing the world. Her souvenirs consist of unique, local accessories found while backpacking on a three-month journey.

In an off-the-shoulder black Brandy Melville dress and American Eagle jean vest, she sets the tone of a classic outfit. The individuality of her outfit shines through in her accessories. Wearing quite a few accessories, there’s not a single boring part of her outfit. She sports some local arm candy from Greece, as well as an adorable, vintage watch from her hometown in Canada. She is also wearing a coral cross-body satchel from the leather market in Florence, Italy. Browsing and shopping in the markets in Italy just happen to be one of my favorite things to do. There are endless amounts of purses, backpacks, jackets, scarfs, etc. to encourage anyones shopping addiction. What I love about this outfit is that through fashion, she can cary a little bit of home with her as well as a little reminder of each travel destination she has experienced. Wearing accessories from all over the world is a great reminder of where you have been and is an awesome conversation starter. I can vouch for that!

This Fashionista may have gathered her accessories from different countries, but it can easily be done in the States as well. Don’t hesitate to pick up matching bracelets when you road-trip with your best friend or the dorky shark tooth necklace while family vacationing. Channel your inner-Fashionista to make them part of your style. These accessories will be a happy reminder of good times as well as a unique addition to your outfit. There’s nothing better than a great souvenir that comes with an even better memory.


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