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Are you ever looking for ways to make your outfit unique? Trying to find that blouse or skirt that nobody else has? If you are, vintage clothing is your answer. Vintage clothes are one of kind and styles are not sold in abundance. Shopping vintage can carry out two goals.  It can either bring back a trend from the past or set you apart from the mainstream world of fashion. As we all learn in school, history repeats itself, and this remains true in fashion as well. Think of all the trends that have resurfaced from the past. Overalls, high-waisted jeans and neon are a few that come to mind.

As I took a short midterm study break this week and walked around town, I spotted this Fashionista with a chic vintage look. She stood out among the crowd of maxi skirts and crop tops. Her look was refreshing and “new.” Now as most of us know, vintage clothes are not new, but its unique styles make you look like a diamond in the rough.

The components of this outfit take on a ’40s fashion appeal. This was the time of utility dress. Hemlines were raised and less fabric were used. This Fashionista imitates this look with her multicolor yarn pencil skirt and Victorian-esque shoes. She keeps it fun and modern with color and leather. She also wears a hand me down leather bag from her mother to match her old-fashioned ensemble. Vintage items have the power to emphasize your own style. The fashion pieces that you find the most unique can complement your existing wardrobe and help create the ultimate fashion statement.

There are many benefits to vintage shopping. It’s more affordable, unique and an investment. Don’t be afraid to recreate old styles. Inspire yourself and those around you to be more of an old soul.


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