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When dressing for a ten-hour flight from Los Angeles to London, you automatically want to grab yoga pants, UGGs and an oversized sweatshirt. It’s wise that you want to be comfy in the cramped seats with limited legroom. The only problem is that you find yourself at your destination wearing that exact same outfit. On top of feeling drowsy, exhausted and completely drained, your clothes reflect that just as well. But looking put together doesn’t always mean you have to sacrifice comfort.

As I was waiting in the airport terminal for my flight, I came across this Aussie Fashionista exiting the terminal near me. She looked cool, calm and collected for someone who had been traveling for fourteen hours. Wearing a pair of stretchy caramel colored corduroy jeans, she looked put together yet comfortable enough for a long flight. To top it off, the cozy cashmere sweater she wore provided some warmth dually for the flight and her destination. It is always important to remember not where you are leaving, but also where you are going. Since California has a pretty mild winter, she wears light boat shoes. They provide easy comfort and add a little more class than the typical sneaker. Her backpack completes the look of a young jetsetter with its corresponding color and easy accessibility for trekking around.

Traveling isn’t always easy, but that doesn’t mean your outfit has to be a challenge either! When you wear clothes that look like you just got out of the gym or rolled out of bed, you can come off as looking sloppy and disorganized. Especially if your flight lands in the middle of the day, like mine did, you don’t want to start your first day off dressed for bedtime. In forgiving materials you can find an equal balance between comfort and style. It’s a great feeling when you can step off the plane dressed in style and be ready for the adventure that awaits!



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