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One evening last week a friend and I went out in town looking for a new cafe or pub to eat at for dinner. As we were walking through the streets, looking for a cool place, I for the first time caught sight of NCAD, the National College of Art and Design. Having an appreciation for the artistic culture I promised myself to come back to check out the campus. My trip back to the college was rewarding for two reasons: I was able to visit a university with a sole artistic focus and creative environment, and it was just outside the campus where I spotted this Fashionista. What I like most about her outfit is how she incorporated the pastel pink color of her hair into different elements of her outfit to create an urban look with a feminine yet men-inspired silhouette.

This Fashionista’s look is a balance of the feminine and masculine. The pink turtleneck top, pink tights and white ankle boots work together to create a feminine style. On the other hand her brown burlap winter coat adds a trace of masculinity to the ensemble. Despite the fact that this coat may be the only men-inspired item of the look does not hurt its credibility. The oversized coat’s deep hue and color contrast allows for it to stand out. A winter coat is not only of practical use among the current season. The right one can work as a statement of one’s personal sense of style. But a coat with a masculine touch is an automatic fashion statement within a feminine look.

Furthermore, this Fashonista’s shoes carry the feminine flair of her outfit. The white color mirrors her pastel top and hair color while contrasts her bright pink tights. The design of the shoe adds a soft tone to the ensemble; its heel and pointed toe creates a girly silhouette. Also, the ankle boot’s incorporation of zippers and buckles presents a modern  style to this fall boot trend. What makes a white boot stand out is its rare color within this season. Yet, wearing a color that is predominately popular during the warmer months is another fashion statement in itself because it pushes the boundaries. Overall, this Fashoinista’s outfit is an innovative way to fashionably contrast the feminine and the masculine into one cool and ground breaking look.

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