Fashion From Abroad

With two weeks left in the semester abroad, the last thing I expected to wake up to the past couple mornings have been dark, gloomy skies. Specifically because Israel suffers from severe droughts, since there is such dry heat in the country coming from the deserts. So as an international student who only wants sun, dark, rainy days are difficult to prepare for. Some people stick to leggings, others to shorts, sweatpants, sneakers—anything to protect themselves from the wet weather. However, I was pleasantly surprised by how fashionably my Fashionista was dressed—especially for the weather that the day held, but her outfit was rocking and filled with flair.

This Fashionista’s stark white blazer caught my eye, I give her mad props for wearing white in the rain, plus in the form of a blazer. Many people usually associate blazers with work-wear or professionalism, but this Fashionista was classically dressed with comfort. I loved the white colored blazer she threw into the mix. In most cases, white is not a vibrant color, but when it is paired with other neutral colors, it makes the outfit pop. Underneath the bright white blazer, this Fashionista opts for an charcoal grayish-black tri-blend T-shirt. This T-shirt plays down the outfit and makes it more comfortable than professional. These tees are a basic staple and a must-have for every Fashionista in the world, they are comfy and classic and they can be layered underneath any top. For the bottom, this Fashionista plays it cool and keeps it simple with a pair of medium-wash jeans with fading down the legs. My favorite part of her outfit though are her shoes. In wet weather most people tend to wear rain boots, combat boots, or athletic sneakers, but the black wedge sneakers are different. I’ve never been one to pull off this trend, but this Fashionista is rocking it. The sneaks add a bit of grunge and punk styles to this feminine outfit. For the accessories, a pair of thick gold hoops and a royal blue/black patterned satchel school-bag.

Although rain can be intimidating when it comes to fashion, it doesn’t have to be. There are many ways to dress up a typical rainy day outfit. Throw in some bright neutral colors and classic comfortable pieces of clothing to make your outfit pop, even if the weather doesn’t agree.


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