FASHION FROM ABROAD: The Tall Chestnut Leather Boot

Fashion From Abroad

When you ask any girl what their main reason is for visiting the city of Firenze, also commonly known as Florence is, the answer is ubiquitous. The answer is for the amazing shopping and the genuine leather of course. Firenze is a very well known  small city just a few hours from Rome.  When I first arrived in Firenze I could already see there was such a difference in culture. Everyone was wearing long fur jackets, fur hats, leather bags of all colors and some type of leather boot.

I found my Fashionista just a few weeks after I went to Firenze, so I was really able to appreciate her leather.  Her tall chestnut boots with the ties going up the back screamed Fashionista! I wanted them for myself! I also realized they really complimented the rest of her outfit as well. This Fashionista wore her tall leather boots from Firenze, a white knit sweater layered over the maroon loose tank with classic black leggings and paired with a maroon headband and a beautiful intricately beaded statement necklace.

This outfit is very versatile. The sweater works well in winter with possibly another jacket on top. It can also work in the spring as well without the sweater. Just wearing the maroon tank top with a light chestnut or creme type cardigan or jacket will make for a whole other trendy outfit.

If a trip to Firenze is not in your near future but you still would like to get this cute look, this will not be an issue. You can go to your closest Free People store or visit here to find a very similar pair of boots!


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