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Black, brown and silver: The three colors that after numerous outfit attempts, I deemed impossible to wear together without looking like a colorblind slob. Apparently I was missing something because this Fashionista hit the nail on the head, combining the basic colors into her wardrobe without an ounce of doubt. Just recently arriving in Florence, I have been surrounded by the Fashionistas of all Fashionistas: Italians. Fashion seems to come effortlessly to these confident individuals. Just like the Fashionista pictured, they are not afraid to showcase that sometimes simple and classic can look flawless. You don’t always need a bold piece or a pop of color. The mere combination can create a look that is just not achievable with an attention-stealing piece.

This Fashionista uses black as the base of her outfit. You can take a black blazer, black pants and a black snood in any direction you’d like. Great versatile pieces like these are easy to switch in and out of your wardrobe without being identified as the dreaded outfit-repeater. The silver lining on the shoulders of the blazer is the perfect detail to add to a classic black jacket keeping it minimal, yet still different. She continues to draw silver into her outfit with cross earrings and an adorable watch. Gold may be a hot trend right now, but that doesn’t mean you have to be afraid to still wear your favorite silver accessories.

Mixing black and silver is a pretty simple task, but throw brown into the mix and suddenly your inner fashion sense freaks out. To refrain from going overboard, add more classic pieces like a simple oxford shoe or some round-framed glasses.The subtle hints of brown create the perfect color harmony. If you’re like me, this color scheme doesn’t always seems to pan out just right. Try adding a leopard scarf to your outfit. The shades of brown and black in the scarf will pull the outfit together with just one simple piece.

If you were worried about pairing your classic pieces and colors together, fear no more! I love this Fashionista’s overall look, but I have to say, the thing I love most about it is that each piece can be taken and worn in a completely different context. As a plus, not one part of this Fashionista’s outfit is overbearing. We can finally mix black, brown and a dash of silver. Now that is what I call a silver lining.


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