Fashion From Abroad

The notorious plaid shirt is a staple in both girls and guys’ wardrobes alike. You can wear it buttoned under a sweater, a puffy vest or jacket and unbuttoned over a loose solid colored shirt. It is a must-have, especially while abroad. What I’ve noticed, since being abroad for a little bit over a week, is that we would all be lost without a go-to plaid shirt. Simply put; they’re an easy item for any outfit – whatever the weather, they just work.

Since the first week of school has started, many of us have to get used to sitting in class when the sun is blinding us through the windows. Let’s be real here, how many people actually go abroad to go to class. About slim to none, the real reason many go abroad is because of the experience.

After a long week of class, all any student wants to do is relax. In Tel Aviv, there’s a single place for relaxation, the Gordon Beach in central Tel Aviv. The beach in winter?!?! I can just imagine everyone asking themselves…but yes, indeed, you read that correctly, the beach is the hotspot when you’re living in a 60-70 degree winter wonderland.

I spotted my Fashionista on her way to the beach, dressed comfortably in her light-weight black and white plaid button-down, which was layered over a simple white scoop neck T-shirt. Since it’s not technically bathing suit weather, this outfit would definitely suffice. This Fashionista was stylish and trendy, but in a more casual essence. She was wearing quilted side jean leggings with light-wash blue denim and black mesh; these are definitely some of the coolest pants I have ever seen. In addition, she was rocking the new trend of buckle sneakers in black leather, and a patent black purse with gold zippers. To shield her eyes from the bright, yellow sun, this Fashionista wore gradient Ray-Ban aviators.

This look is sure to take any Fashionista out of the classroom and into her day.


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