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I’ve always had an obsession with the nineties. From the music to the television shows to the quirky fashion, I love it all. I often wish I was born a decade earlier so I could’ve spent the peak of my teenage years dressed in crop tops like Gwen Stefani and Britney Spears. Although the nineties are long gone, I still enjoy letting the trends from my favorite decade creep into my wardrobe in new and creative ways.

This Fashionista rocks nineties trends in a reinvented modern style. The focal point of her outfit is one of my favorite fashion statements that the nineties inspired: distressed plaid. She layers her plaid shirt that she got from the Goodwill with a cropped sweater from LF. The Fashionista complements her layers tops with leggings from H&M, knee-high knitted socks and Frye boots. Lastly, her blue highlights add an extra element of nineties flare to her look and are perfectly topped off with a black beanie!

This Fashionista pulls of the nineties grunge look flawlessly. She lets the trends from the past influence her outfit without having them overpower it. The next time you’re out shopping think about your favorite fashion trends throughout history and how you could use them in a modern context. Perhaps the fifties inspire you to invest in a high-waisted skirt? Or the eighties have you thinking about adding more neon colors to your wardrobe? Maybe you want to invest in a drop-waist dress to feel like you’re apart of the roaring twenties flapper culture? Fashion has evolved so much in the last century. The possibilities for outfit inspiration are endless!


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