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This Fashionista’s outfit has a lot going on — and I love it all. From the beanie to the studded leather jacket to the flannel, this Fashionista takes layering to another level. A lot of photos have been circulating on my Tumblr feed of women and men alike rocking leather jackets, beanies and oversized scarves, but where this outfit differentiates itself from the others is the fearless integration of color into a typically monochromatic black uniform. The softer sea foam color of the sweatshirt and the pinks and blues of the flannel around her waist allow her to look tough, without being mistaken for a Mall Goth or a member of a motorcycle gang.

Beanies are amazing accessories for the winter because they keep you warm outdoors, but you don’t have to remove them indoors, which is a relief for those of us with hair that doesn’t cooperate after removing hats. Like the beanie, all of the layers this Fashionista has on can stay on indoors, but can easily come off in an overheated room without detracting from the intrigue of the outfit. For example, if she was to remove her chunky, knit scarf and her leather jacket, the contrast between her muted beanie and sneakers and her colorful sweatshirt and flannel would still be deserving of attention.

Her attention to every detail of her appearance is what I really appreciate about this Fashionista. While exchanging information, I noticed her long, orange nails filed to points, much like those often found on the hands of Lady Gaga. I just recently came to appreciate the awesomeness that is long nails — the sound they make on keyboards, the attention they command and the dedication to grow them (no acrylics here!). The unique shape of her nails is a beautiful expression of self-confidence, since it’s definitely not a trend you can wear and be shy about.

Lastly, layering a sweatshirt under a leather jacket is a great alternative to a traditional winter coat. A leather jacket blocks wind, but is not warm enough on its own during the winter months and sweatshirts may be cozy, but wind goes right through them. However, when you wear them together, you get the best of both worlds, and are able to avoid the horrible feeling of wearing a cute outfit, then covering it up with a mediocre and ubiquitous coat that hides the thought. Rather, this Fashionista shows how to layer in a way that keeps you warm and not only doesn’t detract from, but rather enhances the uniqueness of the overall outfit.


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