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Walking around the streets of Florence on a beautiful sunny day is way better than walking around Quinnipiac. It’s really interesting that on cold days walking to class, it seems as if the city is completely empty and dull; however, when the sun finally comes out, the streets are flooded with people. The kickoff of spring is officially here and the weather has drastically changed. It’s about time we get to put away our gray and black clothing and begin to wear those exciting spring colors.

Most college guys tend to not really care about what they wear, but nothing makes me happier than seeing them dress up in nice clothing. While walking along the Lugarno River on my way to class, I spotted this preppy Fashionisto rocking a classic oxford button-down. The timeless white button-down is a perfect and easy look. When you’re feeling perky and want to look a bit fancy, you can switch it up with different colors such as yellow or pink (everyone knows that real men wear pink). Wearing lighter colors or pastels is also perfect for when the temperature is hot.

I love when guys wear khakis. Whether they’re wearing shorts or pants, I think it is so attractive. It’s such a nice clean-cut look that really attracts the eye. Everyone wears denim so when you want to stand out, you can even wear pale pastel pants instead. The best part of his outfit are definitely his Sperry Top-Siders. Nothing screams New England more than boat shoes. Whether you’re in the New England area or halfway around the world, they are always a suitable choice.

Springtime clothing puts me in such a cheerful mood. The weather is warm and bright colors are all over the the streets. There’s finally no more winter blues! Overall, pastels are the key to success for springtime dressing. You can even color-block by wearing two different colors together. This spring, my favorite color pair is emerald green and yellow. For all you Fashionistos, today’s Fashionisto’s look is the perfect one to emulate, especially since the kick off of spring has officially begun!


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