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In one week (silent omg), I will be headed to London, home of the Queen. I am setting out to prove the royal family aren’t the only people with style. I have been to London once or twice as a child and what really struck me was the willingness to take risks. Everyone is comfortable with who they are and is not afraid to make a statement. I hope to showcase this with my blog this summer. Although this Fashionista is NYC bred, she is a world traveler who is extremely familiar with risk. This exudes through her fashion sense.

In the summer especially, it is tempting to throw on a white T-shirt, jeans and call it a day. In London, summer weather is either hot and humid or rainy and wet. I am easily affected by the weather. When my hair starts to frizz, don’t even think about approaching me. The moral of the story is, the worse the weather, the less inspired you are going to be to get dressed in the morning. My advice? Give into it! Buy the essential white tee or lightweight button-down like this Fashionista. Another important element to note is lightweight denim is a MUST. Winter denim will not work in the summer. The fabric is too heavy and you will get overheated — quick. Invest in a pair, and I guarantee it will take you straight through.

Accessories equal power. Although it is fine to dress for comfort, it is always a good idea to make an outfit personal, especially for those studying abroad or on vacation. Whenever I travel, I always have a personal memento with me, usually in the form of jewelry. These personal elements bring the outfit together and add that extra “POP” that make you stand out from the crowd. Being a student in a foreign country is overwhelming enough — don’t start stressing over your outfits on top of it! Use accessories to your advantage here. A little bit of “you” should always be reflected in the outfits you wear. It not only makes your outfit look more interesting, but makes YOU more interesting!

Captured: Ironically, this photo was taken on the streets of Manhattan but is the ultimate outfit for any college-age Fashionista strutting around the streets of London.


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