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Solid colors get a bad reputation as being boring. Sure, animal print is flashy and polka-dots transform an outfit to look like it’s from the past, but how often can you really wear patterns? Solid colors are easy to wear daily and can be worn over again with differing solid colored pieces. I personally love them for every season and was glad to run into this Fashionista sharing my love of solid colors.

While window shopping on Upper Street in Islington, London I spotted this Fashionista. Is it just me or is she the doppleganger to Jennifer Love Hewitt? Regardless, the woman knows how to dress! Trench coats are a staple in any Londoner’s attire and she has made it wearable in spring weather by rolling up the sleeves. This solid colored navy trench coat is accentuated with black buttons, making it easier to pair her coat with her black jeans. These cigarette jeans transition perfectly into spring with their cut at the ankle. Her shoes make me extremely nostalgic of my elementary school days. Somehow though, this Fashionista makes the shoes look all grown up due to their burgundy red coloring.

Her outfit is finished off with the greatest satchel I have ever seen. The solid bright purple coloring is perfect for spring and this upcoming summer. It is also pretty large for a satchel so she can fit all her Fashionista essentials, and if she is carrying a lighter load the straps are adjustable. Lastly, she chose to get the satchel engraved giving it a personal touch. This Fashionista’s choice of solid coloring pairs so many different shades together and is done flawlessly.


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