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My shoe closet consists of a variety of pumps, heels and a pair of cowboy boots, not sneakers. I know that my fellow Texan Fashionistas can agree. In Europe, that is not the case, sneakers are a big part of every Fashionista’s shoe closet.

I have never been a big fan of sneakers, I always just thought of them as gym shoes. I quickly learned from all of the locals that sneakers could actually be fashionable. I have been pinning cute outfits with sneakers like a mad woman for the past two months.

When I am about to dive into a new trend that I am unsure about, I start off slowly. I immediately loved this Fashionista’s look. She keeps her outfit very simple with minimalistic jewelry and solid colors. Everything she is wearing is a basic that you probably already own.

I love starting with simple looks because you can always build on them. Never buy something that you can only wear with one kind of outfit. All you need is a loose fitting T-shirt and dark wash jeans paired with your favorite sneakers. If it’s colder where you are, you can layer a long blazer.

You can also try pairing your sneakers with shorts and tights if the weather is warmer. If you are feeling brave, try a printed sneaker. It might take some getting used to but I recommend looking below at the related articles for some inspiration.

There are so many brands, shapes and prints! You are bound to find your favorite pair. I don’t even remember what I had against sneakers in the first place. They are comfortable and actually chic. Have you tried out this sneaker trend yet?


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