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Out of 200 students in my study abroad program, there is a whopping total of 15 boys. So when it comes to fashion, it seems that the girls are the ones trying to impress…with the guys falling a short step behind, not caring as much to dress nice for class, because it’s early. However, my Fashionisto was dressed to impress. For such an early class start time of 8:30, he was extremely put-together, but his outfit appeared effortless.

Since there is no real winter here in Tel Aviv, Israel, it’s been difficult for many of us to adjust to the change in temperature. When it came to packing, many of us brought clothing for multiple seasons. The weather changes throughout the day so one always has to be prepared; and this Fashionisto was. His outfit was composed of simple neutral staple pieces and pops of color. He was able to pull off the “day-to-night” look here in Israel. His outfit could be seen at a Disco Club or here on the quad of an university. He was cool, casual and comfy. His pattern graphic pocket T-shirt was simple but added a type of confidence that only color could to his solid-color hue outfit. His leather jacket gave off a vintage oversized feel, and his light-weight khakis were perfect for the ever-changing weather. Most guys opt for sneakers, but this Fashionisto had his low-top All-Star Converse laced and ready for any  adventure. In addition to the outfit itself, the backpack was a representation of his bright, exciting personality. Instead of a simple, school backpack, this one was a galaxy bursting with color and swagger.

For an early day of class, the pops of color added personality to the Fashionisto’s outfit. It showed that he was unafraid to experiment many colors.


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