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When I think London, England the first thing that comes to mind other than the royal family is the amazing fashion trends and style icons that have emerged from this modern city. I never realized until visiting London how relevant and contemporary the trends set in London are to the rest of the world. After all, anything and everything Kate Moss wears is an inspiration to every woman alive.

Walking down the street, the style ranges from shorts with tights to crazy patterned dresses paired with sneakers. There are so many trends being displayed for us to catch on to, yet they always stay true to a proper, dressier side. Even when these girls are dressing more casual it is so put together and cutting edge. This is unlike any other place I have witnessed before, and I wish more cities in Europe would catch on to this.

I spotted this Fashionista outside of St. Pancras Renaissance Hotel, an iconic building within the architecture of London. The first thing I noticed about her outfit was her ability to mix and match two very different prints so well. The classic polka-dot shirt tucked into tailored denim looks very Kate Middleton. I love how she paired this outfit with a floral, lace scarf. This adds a trendier side that still looks very fresh and current. When mixing prints, take your own personal style into account. You can add crazy bright prints to a striped black and white dress, or take the safer route and keep it simple with very subtle pastels. If you like her polka-dot shirt, check out this polka-dot smock from ASOS.

Taking a closer look, her gold-leaf necklace that is layered under the floral scarf adds a very feminine and fun detail. This gold matches perfectly with the gold on her belt that makes for a stylish combination. In London it’s all about looking stylish and not being afraid to push things forward. This outfit would be perfect for a morning brunch or walk to class. No matter where you are going, be brave, and try mixing multiple prints like this English Fashionista did so well.


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