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In my previous articles, I’ve often written about how fashion is about stepping outside of your comfort zone and being innovative. Well, I’m here to say that it’s not always the case. I admit, often times, trying to outdo my outfit from the previous day, I create unnecessary stress for myself. I will wrap my head around this problem, and end up with dissatisfying and frustrating results. In cases as such, I just need to remind myself that sometimes less is more, and simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This week, I ran into a Fashionista who was sporting a simple, but definitely not boring, preppy look.

A must for the timeless prep look is stripes. This Fashionista managed to color coordinate her striped shirt and blue pants, keeping the ensemble clean and simple. Adding to the topic of color coordination, she enhanced the outfit with accents of brown with a leather belt and Clarks suede boots. A little technique this Fashionista used is tucking just the front of the shirt into the pants to show off the belt. It’s a nice trick, because by not tucking in your entire shirt, you can give off a casual vibe, while still showing off your belt. As for this Fashionista’s black leather bag, she bought hers in Morocco, but you can find a similar bag here.

Prep is nice because this quality offers a touch of professionalism, as well as, casualness. A comfortable and proper outfit is sure to boost one’s motivation, and a striped shirt and boots could be just what one needs to get through a tough school day.

The song to match the outfit (Le Chanson de l’Ensemble): Kisses— “Kisses”


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