FASHION FROM ABROAD: Perks of Being a Student

Fashion From Abroad

I came across this natural beauty on her way home from school, and was instantly drawn to her awesome oxford shoes and effortless off-duty model style. This is the perfect look for class because it’s comfortable but still put-together, and I clearly enjoy the Perks of Being a Wallflower reference.

I love a classic denim shirt, and our Fashionista chose a great, no-frills version. However, a little embellishment never hurt anyone! My favorites have a touch of lace or tribal print on the back, or some metal studs across the shoulders. In the summer, I like to throw on a tank top and leave the button-down open. Button-down shirts are a great alternative to cardigans, adding warmth without being too ladylike. Cool printed ones are also really easy to find at your local Goodwill. I love tying the ends to cinch in my waist, but the daisy-dukes-and-tied-button-down is a bit too Britney Spears for me, so I usually pair them with some comfy harem pants. I’m all for mixing prints, but I’ve found that with this particular combo it’s better to go for a solid color in either the pants or the shirt, and a print for the other.

I’m all for adding a tailored touch to an outfit, and cuffed trousers are a great way to show off cute shoes. Her oxfords are amazing. In general, they’re a good alternative to ballet flats because they provide a little more support and style. Venice is actually rather famous for velvet slippers, which are also good for this purpose.

Captured: This Fashionista was walking in a smaller street near the Rialto Bridge area. In Venice, they build according to nature’s whims, so there are randomly turning bridges and narrow alleyways and tunnel-like sotoportegos. It’s really fun to kind of wander around and let the city take you where it wants to, and definitely worth it if you have a day with nowhere to be. Some of the best things in Venice are tucked away from the tourist attractions. I had the best sandwich of my life at a little joint called Corner Pub, and Alfredo’s takeout pasta was a definite hap-changer. (If you happen upon it, the “Arrabiata” and “Viagra” are to die for.)


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