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Springtime in Paris is breathtakingly beautiful. The sun shines between scattered clouds while the birds sing amongst the lush trees. The whole city seems to buzz with action and around every corner lies yet another fabulous cafe or garden to enjoy. From Montmartre to the Champs Élysées, fashion oozes on every street. No matter where you find yourself in Paris, you are surrounded by sweets, love and fashion!

While I was staying in Paris I decided to spend a day at the beautiful Palace of Versailles. I was expecting the palace to be big, but I had no idea how vast the gardens were. While I was lost, I stumbled upon this week’s Fashionista. Sporting some stunning trouser pants, she’s ready for the brisk spring day. Their lightweight and easy feel are perfect for when it’s warm, but breezy outside. Her white washed jean jacket dresses them down while her gladiator sandals show a transition to summer wear. The brown cross body bag keeps a neutral tone without blending into her outfit. Her sunglasses, belt, bracelets and necklace give that extra pop and dressy feel. The different textures work to create a laid back but put-together posh look.

The effortless fashion these ladies sport is mesmerizing; they make it look so easy, yet innovative. By combining fine fabrics like chiffon or silk with something more harsh and durable like denim can create a dressed down look that still feels classy. Whether it’s a blouse or bag, by stretching your budget to invest in at least one fine item you can transform your entire outfit. A classic quality item is perfect for dressing up or for making each day feel a little more special. From my trip I purchased a Longchamp bag, something that is classic but basic enough to use anywhere. Although we’re not all from one of the fashion capitals of the world, you don’t have to be from Paris to feel classy and chic!


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