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Looking for an easy way to take a casual class day’s outfit to the next level? Swap out your standard blue jeans for something with a little more color. Blue jeans are always a great go-to classic, but sometimes your outfit just needs a little bit more. Colored pants may just be the perfect remedy.

Colored pants have made big waves in the fashion world during the past few years, and with every season, they just keep on getting better. This year, I could hardly contain my excitement (and my need to shop) for the huge variety of colored denim in stores, ranging from springy peach, fall burgundy and night-out navy blue to my current favorite, olive green.

Olive green, also known as khaki green or army green, is an absolute must have hue for your wardrobe. It mixes flawlessly with numerous neutral shades, and from the streets to the runway, it’s been on every Fashionista’s radar ever since the military trend’s huge resurgence over the past year. The must have hue can be found on a variety of great staple pieces, including jackets, handbags, blouses and of course, pants!

I spotted this Fashionista on her way to class sporting the perfect olive green pants, and had to snap a picture. Her chocolate brown boots are another wardrobe must have, and mixed with the khaki green help her pull off a bit of an equestrian-chic vibe. Her long sleeve white T-shirt and gorgeous beige scarf are the perfect staple pieces, and complete her simple and sophisticated look once and for all.


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