FASHION FROM ABROAD: Olive Green is the New Black

Fashion From Abroad

This past weekend I traveled to the city of Prague, in Czech Republic. The city resembled a fairy tale, the architecture was gothic style and all the buildings were pastel colored.  The streets of Prague were very different from what I was used to. It was definitely the most stunning city I have been to before. To match the city itself, all the people I saw dressed very beautiful and edgy. Many of the people wore many layers like jackets, scarves, beanies and mittens because the weather there at this time of year is very cold.

While I was walking on the bridge up to the famous John Lennon wall I found my Fashionista. She looked very edgy to me, so I had to find out more. The first thing I saw was her trendy olive green long jacket that I have noticed is very popular this season. Usually you can get away with just rocking the long olive green jacket and not having to do much more, but this Fashionista took it to the next level. She wore an argyle printed sweater over traditional black leggings and white sneakers. She accessorized with a light blue bohemian type headband, black aviators and various types of gold mid and regular rings.

The classic olive green jacket is awesome for winter but really does work well in other seasons as well. Unlike your typical black winter jacket, this olive green color is really versatile and works well in fall and spring as well. If you pair this jacket with light or floral printed bottoms you can get a whole new look that still fits the season. Although I found this Fashionista in a country not many of us are able to shop in, all her articles of clothing and accessories can be found in America at the always trendy Urban Outfitters.

Also, whenever you feel that your outfit could use more but you don’t want to go overboard with accessories, sometimes bold gold rings or earrings can really make the perfect statement and finish your outfit.


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