FASHION FROM ABROAD: Oh la la! La Francité

Fashion From Abroad

Before I got to France, I had an opinion on what stereotypical French fashion would look like. I’m sure many people still do. Besides the high-fashion looks, you probably picture women with berets and men with striped shirts, noses up in the air and baguette in hand. After three weeks here, I have come to realize that the stereotypes are mostly false. Yes, most French people are always dressed to perfection, and a lot of them really do have baguettes in hand. But I haven’t seen a single beret. Well, not until I saw this Fashionista. She was strutting to class, nose up in the air. Not in a snobbish way, but in a confident, powerful way. I immediately thought, “That’s so French!”

Aside from the ‘frenchness’ of this outfit, I love how lively the Fashionista’s look is. It’s very easy to play it safe with neutral colors when you’re hurrying to school, but this lady insists on a color play. If there’s any way to make your outfits stand out, it’s by adding a pop of color (or several pops). And as winter draws to an end, nothing says spring like colorful patterns.

My favorite piece in this look is definitely the beret. Not only is it classy, it can also save you from a bad hair day. I cannot tell you how many times my beloved hair accessories have saved me from bad hair days—and I’m sure many ladies can concur. If berets are not your style, you have several alternatives. Hats are very much in style. H&M and American Apparel have great floppy hats you can try. And if you’re looking for something smaller, Urban Outfitters has nice panama hats.

Step out of your comfort zone and into some colorful clothes. Put on a hat, whether it’s a bad hair day or not—it will make your outfit classier. You will definitely look and feel more confident!


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