FASHION FROM ABROAD: No Stage Fright, Rock White

Fashion From Abroad

Anyone who has ever had a fashion related conversation with me knows my one fashion rule I never forget: anyone can pull off a look. Just do it with confidence! I have never believed in the common “I can’t pull that off” statement. Fashion is all about taking risks because there would never be new trends if someone did not confidently rock it. One of these bold confidence moves in my eyes is rocking the winter white pant. Here in Spain, the dark wardrobe consumes the streets so any Fashionista who can rock a great white skinny jean early has to be confident. Rocking white jeans during the winter can make a bold fashion statement to brighten up that dull wintertime weather.

I was immediately drawn to this Fashionista because she looked great, confidently wearing her white skinny jeans. It is very true that the Europeans just have this unique air about them that exudes fabulousness. I loved how this Fashionista took such a simple look and made it fashionable. It also did not hurt I had to use my Spanish skills to discuss her look with her. I like her use of the white skinny jeans with dark winter colors to play to a winter palette too. Her olive green coat works great with the white pants and black top for a subtle pop of color. When rocking winter white, it is important to not over do it with color so olive green is a great choice. The black Zara tote is a great accessory to the style. Her white Converse top off the look perfectly because they help offset the bright white pants by drawing your eye to both the shoes and pants. I do not think you can ever go wrong with a good pair of Converse.

Another way to sport winter white is by pairing it with a great oversized sweater. I have always been a big fan of the simple skinny jean and sweater look. It’s the perfect look for a day in class. Wear your favorite dark oversized sweater with a classic tank top under. When wearing simple looks, it is all about the accessories! This is a great opportunity to wear a printed scarf or fun headwrap. This look goes great with Keds or ankle strap flats.

In the fashion world, confidence is key. In the fashion world, rules are meant to be broken! Take a risk this time of year and pull out those white jeans. Break your dark clothes routine to add some fun to your winter looks. Do not ever catch yourself thinking you cannot rock a trend you like. Put on your favorite trend, accessorized with some confidence!


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