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Up until a few years ago, neon was mostly associated with the (atrocious) fashion of the ‘80s. Thick bright purple leg warmers or multi-colored puffy ski jackets are something out of a fashion nightmare, yet images I can’t help but immediately think of upon hearing the word “neon.” Over the past few years, however, as quirky and vintage clothing has become more popular (think Katy Perry, Urban Outfitters and M.I.A), neon has made a comeback and to my surprise managed to revamp into an everyday trend.

This Fashionista is a perfect example of the new modern neon trend. She effortlessly blends together current trends with her pop of pink sweater. Her choice of neon in the form of a sweater is a great change of pace from the popular brightly colored crop tops or bandage dresses commonly spotted at EDM music festivals or Miami nightclubs. It’s like a culture clash of fashion; moreover, she mixes a crazy, party pink color with a sweet and comfy cable knit sweater.

Always a sucker for tribal inspired jewelry, her necklace was an obvious showstopper for me. The necklace is actually even more detailed and interesting up close! It’s a combination of chunky metal beads and delicately wrapped printed fabric. The turquoise, yellow and oranges in the different patterns are perfect compliments to her bright sweater. The double-stacked structure of her necklace reminded me of a modernized version of those beautiful elongated collars worn by various African tribal women.

To complete her outfit, this Fashionista sported a casual brown satchel with an adorable butterfly scarf tied around the strap. Now while I’m not positive if this was an intentional fashion choice or simply a place to keep her scarf as the day got hotter, it is definitely a cute trend. Tying a colorful silk scarf or patterned thin shawl around the strap of a satchel is a great way to update an everyday bag. Think of Elle Woods from Legally Blonde, she managed to coordinate all her outfits with a tied bag sash the whole movie!

Since neon is clearly here to stay, try adding an unexpected pop of color to your next outfit. Fear not neon skeptics, it is easier than you think to avoid looking like a cast member from Saved by the Bell. For a casual day out with friends, throw on a pair of shocking coral flats, or for a night out on the town trade in your boring black bag for a crazy lime green clutch. Accessories are great way to add pops of neon, or simply follow in this Fashionista’s footsteps and look for a fabulous neon sweater!


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