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Hey, Fashionistos/as— do you ever have those days where you wake up to the sun caressing your face, birds singing you a morning lullaby and you just feel really Mumford & Sons? It’s these days (the ukulele, tribal sweaters and earl grey tea days) that I’m talking about. You can’t even bear the thought of wearing anything other than neutral colors and stripes. You feel a really good day ahead of you, and want to embrace it with an outfit that shows this. At least, this is what I imagined when I spotted this Fashionista, who rocked a superb folksy look.

As mentioned, this Fashionista only sported colors of the neutral color scheme. Her black and white striped shirt (stylishly fitted with a side knot), combined with a simple pair of black capris, would have sufficed for the modest look she was going for. However, she enriched the outfit with the addition of a tribal sweater slung over the back. The cool blue of the sweater, as well as, the way the Fashionista styled it, was well incorporated into the overall natural look of this ensemble. To finish the look, she wore a pair of cream canvas sneakers, and sported a canvas tote bag with a simplistic design of a dragonfly.

If you’re looking for a folksy look but aren’t into tribal prints, need not worry. Stripes and floral prints are always good alternatives, and are very simple colors. Sticking to neutral, or rather, avoiding loud colors, will do the trick. As you ponder over sea-blue printed canvas slip-ons and milkmaid braids, make sure to listen to “Song for Lover” by The Dø for that extra auditory sense of aid!



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