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As my first week of classes has finally started in Florence, I have already found myself struggling with the decision of what to wear to class. Back at school in the States the outfit worn by most ladies is pretty similar across the different classes. Leggings with combat boots and zip-ups or sweaters are the usual attire, but in Italy this just doesn’t seem acceptable. You need to wear something dressier even when you are just heading to the supermarket. When I was walking down Via Toscanella this Fashionista really stood out and not just because she has amazing blonde hair compared to all the brunettes in Italy. Amongst all of the people in Florence this was the first time I had seen anyone wear a maxi skirt. Most of the time when I think maxi, I immediately picture a beach outfit, but this Fashionista really paired this perfectly to achieve a great casual school look.

I love how she matched her cropped black leather jacket with her black leather booties. These closed-toed booties peek perfectly from underneath her printed maxi skirt. After all what could be more Italian than leather shoes and jackets? Leather is a staple item here, and it’s a fantastic piece to throw on with any outfit. Another great thing about this outfit is its versatility between day and night. If you are going straight from class to a fancy dinner and wine night with your roommates, dress it up by adding some more jewelry or even a plum lip stick. This way you have an easy transition with your minimal closet. Through this look, this Fashionista fits right into the Italian culture without forgetting to show off her personal style.


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