FASHION FROM ABROAD: Making a Statement

Fashion From Abroad

One of the most special things about Israel, for foreigners, is the ability for international students to live like Israeli’s for a semester. It’s fun, adventure-filled, exciting, but definitely a culture shock; Israel and America are almost completely polar opposite countries. A significant difference between the two are their ways of shopping – specifically, the presence of an “everyday outdoor market” called the “Shuk”. The Shuk is an adventure, an experience that everyone, both Israeli, American or another foreigner should have. Luckily for us international students, my University, Tel Aviv University brings the Shuk to campus one day every week. In addition to the Shuk, some days Tel Aviv University throws concerts on campus, so students get the best of both worlds.

My Fashionista was eyeing the jewelry stands before and rocking out the live band music when I spotted her out from the crowd. Her auburn brown lace-up pump booties caught my eye and glistened in the sun. I was immediately drawn in by the unique style. I could picture them with a short sun dress and the little heel on the back, with dark-wash blue jeans or the way that this Fashionista paired them with colored denim. The dark rusted red colored skinny jeans were the simple addition of color that this outfit needed. These jeans can be found in multiple colors. I believe that this rusty red colored denim is the perfect transitional color from the winter season over to spring; not too bright, not too dark — a combination of the two. Her lace white sleeveless flower top was fringed at the bottom. The fringing added some pizzaz and playfulness to the rest of the outfit. Both of these pieces, the top and bottom can both be found at ASOS! I love finding tops and bottoms outfit in the same store, rather than always buying separates from multiple stores. This way one can tell that the two separates work together, or apart.

As for jewelry, her long, statement pendant necklace was found at…you best believe it, the Shuk on campus! Inscribed is a drawing of a black deer with flowery antlers. The thing I love about the Shuk is the distinct pieces of jewelry found that are usually not sold in stores. Many of them are hand-made, making them special, rare pieces.

Try a statement necklace or bracelet with any outfit this spring. When it comes to choosing which piece, take it from the Israeli’s — the more authentic, the better.


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