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Layering is key when it comes to braving the weather in the United Kingdom. You just never know when the weather might change. In the morning it can be sunny and picturesque but by the afternoon you will be scrambling to find a parka and umbrella if you dare to wander outside. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just spend a couple of weeks in the magical city of London and you will see! That is exactly what makes London so much fun when it comes to fashion though. It keeps you on your toes!

This Fashionista knows exactly what I’m talking about when I mention the weather in London. Her black ribbed beanie, olive peacoat, cozy scarf and knee-high boots are ideal for traveling anywhere in the city, whether she’s trekking it to work on the Tube or off to brunch with friends in Shoreditch.

London fashion definitely allows you to bring out your own personality in your clothing when it comes to personal style. It is a little bit quirky but everyone loves to play around with daring and bold looks. In Paris you find everyone in a sea of black, in Los Angeles you find whimsical bohemian prints but in London you find something much different than anywhere else in the world. It’s hard to pin point exactly what it is but everyone is very true to themselves and their own style. It isn’t so strict and instead is livelier when it comes to color, patterns and prints. The fashion here is free from constraints and truer to the process of street style with an added touch of humor.

With London Fashion Week coming up within the next few weeks I cannot wait to see what looks will pop up around the city!


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