FASHION FROM ABROAD: Layers are Lovely

Fashion From Abroad

I have been in Rome for two days, and the amount of Fashionistas/os I have spotted is a bit absurd.  Everyone is chic here at all times of the day. During my second day in Rome, I visited one of the most famous sites in all of Italy, the Vatican, in Vatican City.  Vatican City is breathtaking with the intricate art work, crazy amounts of history and columns a trillion feet off the ground- truly an unbelievable site to see.

Standing right outside of the exit was my Fashionista, dressed in multiple layers and colors.   At first, I was hesitant to try and ask her if I could take her picture because it was obvious she was from Europe and my Italian is limited to say the least. But, when I asked her for her photo she was more excited than I could have anticipated. She spoke about two words of English and told me she was from Grenada, Spain and then started striking poses like a super star. Her personality and style led me to believe this probably was not her first time taking pictures for fashion.

The first thing I saw when I met my Fashionista was her leopard  jeans, complemented by her maroon infinity scarf and black layering peacoat over top. She really worked her clothing, and put different pieces together to make a very fashionable outfit. Although I spotted her in Italy, this outfit can easily be put together in America as well. The more layers you wear, the more colors and patterns you are able to incorporate into your outfits!


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