FASHION FROM ABROAD: Kimono Don’t You Know

Fashion From Abroad

While studying abroad, it is so easy to occasionally embrace your inner-American and dress like a mess. Especially if you are studying at an American school where fashion no-no temptations surround you. Some conform to the faux-pas, while others like this Fashionista dress to impress every day, no matter what.

Growing up, I was always told to never mix two patterns in an outfit. My multi-patterned creations were sadly saved for clash day in middle school. Nowadays, after much observation in Florence, I say the people who look the best on the street are the ones who break all the conventional fashion rules. White pants after labor day? Do it. Black top with navy blue pants? Go right ahead.

This Fashionista took a risk and mastered the two patterned look with her floral Kimono and blue and white striped dress. Rather than looking like a clashing disarray of patterns, this Fashionista looks put together as a result of similar color schemes. The blue flowers gracing the Kimono complement well with and match the blue stripes in her dress.  Take note: when it comes to wearing unlike patterns together, opt to wear ones that share similar color traits.

In addition, by choosing to wear black accessories like her beaded necklace and studded smoking flats, this Fashionista adds an additional commonality to her outfit.

Although this Fashionista is studying in Florence and not Japan, she is the perfect example of what studying abroad is all about: traveling the world and dressing the part each and every day.


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