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What is the biggest mistake you can make while traveling? I have learned that overpacking can literally drag you down. I know it can be hard to not pack those hot pink heels you just bought but you will probably never wear them because nothing you own matches them.

The only way to get rid of this problem would be to stick to basics you can interchange. This is exactly what I thought of when I saw this Fashionista. Her look is classic and every single piece she is wearing could technically work with anything else.

Whenever you pack or if you are just trying to enhance your wardrobe, make sure you start with the basics. Notice that this doesn’t restrict you to just black or white blouses and jeans. This is a very common misconception that can hold you back from a wardrobe that emphasis your personality. Basics don’t mean boring; they can have prints and color!

Like this Fashionista, make sure you have a pair of pants that fit you well. You can go with the classic black or white but you could also try a red or blue pair. To make sure they are versatile stay away from neon colors.

A striped top is necessary in any wardrobe. There are many different colors and shapes so play around with a fit you really like. Get creative by wearing it as a layering piece under chunky sweaters. The stripes help achieve a very preppy and put together look. Next, the trench coat. Every girl needs one, no excuses. A trench coat will literally match any outfit you have. I would stick to a neutral color like this Fashionsta.

I love her booties with this look but I admit that they can be hard to pull off. I am a little on the shorter side and tend to stay away from anything that cuts me off at the ankle. If you have this problem I would suggest a pair of flats.

Now if you are still looking at a bulging suitcase remember that you won’t have room to bring home any cute clothes you may want to buy. Always pack less and don’t forget a map!


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