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It’s not just the flowers that are blooming here in Rome but the spring lines. It seems that every time I turn, I get a glimpse of all the floral prints around me. These floral prints make quite an impact on an outfit, and in a good way. They are the perfect statement piece for anyone’s spring wardrobe and can be worn in many ways.

This Fashionista is right on trend with the season. She is flawlessly rocking a pair of floral pants along with her already stylish ensemble. Floral pants add that funky feel to her classic outfit and can make anyone’s look a lot more cheerful. The color palette for the spring season seems to be a lot of neons and bright colors. This Fashionista’s bright patterned, floral pants go right along with that trend.

Many people believe floral print isn’t the right look for them and are afraid to experiment with it. My suggestion is to start off small. Try pairing a floral scarf or bag with a classic outfit of yours and see how you like it. A statement floral piece or accessory is always a great start. If you feel confident wearing one of these items, and get many compliments, why not take it to the next step of trying a floral clothing item. You can try floral pants like this Fashionista, a floral print dress, or a floral shirt. You never know, you may want to try all three over the course of the season.

Don’t be afraid of prints. I love my neutrals as much as the next person, but boy do floral prints make a statement this season. Start off small then work your way up to the bolder pieces. I promise you that many compliments and smiles will come your way!


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