FASHION FROM ABROAD: I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

Fashion From Abroad

Bags are packed, ticket is printed and all that is left is the long day of traveling ahead. The hardest part about traveling: figuring out what to wear.  Especially on a long flight like mine, comfort is key. Although I always want to reach for sweats and a hoodie, the Fashionista in me craves a look with a little more style. When entering a new place, I want to look my best — particularly when I am planning to sightsee as soon as I reach my destination!

This Fashionista wears the perfect combination of comfy, practical and stylish. For myself, I search for an outfit guaranteed to keep me warm, because lets face it, the blankets provided on the plane aren’t always that cozy. Her moccasins, multi-colored knit scarf and puffy down vest are great for ensuring warmth, while also adding some thoughtful layers of style. The three pieces are easily removable, which comes in handy when traveling from the balmy temperatures of Los Angeles to the cold winter weather in London. She pairs the scarf, vest and moccasins with a basic light pink sweater and blue jeans. The simple duo creates a basic palette that is comfortable enough for a plane snooze yet can be easily transformed later with boots and a coat for dinner at a pub. Practicality comes in the form of her oversized cross-body bag, which provides ample room for all the airplane essentials.

So, thanks to the help of this Fashionista, plane wear is made easy! A look that combines comfort and style is destined to make you feel as fresh leaving the plane as you did getting on. Most importantly, it will ensure that you are ready for a day of exploring!


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