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Don’t you hate those moments when you see someone wearing the same clothes as you? There is often an awkward pause when you don’t know what to do. One way to prevent a situation like this is to make your own clothes. For instance, this Fashionista made her own cardigan and dress. Not only is making your own clothes cheaper, but it makes the look completely unique to you; you can customize the clothes just as you like them.

This Fashionista’s effortless look is simple and comfortable, suitable for any occasion. You can dress it up or down. What I love most about this outfit is the iPhone case that looks like a camera. It is a perfect way to carry around your phone without worrying about where you put it. It is definitely an accessory that spices up the outfit (along with her sunglasses). Without the accessories, this Fashionista’s outfit is very simple, but she created the most practical outfit for summer. Her bag is big enough to hold all of her essentials and her flats are comfortable enough to walk in all day. To top it all off, her cardigan is light and thin and her dress is white and short, perfect for warm weather!

This Fashionista created her own outfit to suit her own style. She knew what she wanted and made the perfect combination of clothes. Learning how to use the sewing machine and challenging yourself to make your own clothes would be beneficial and fun – I recommend it to all you Fashionistas out there. You can start creating simple clothes then move on to more complex things and eventually create anything you want!

Captured: I spotted this Fashionista while walking to the mall in Guangzhou, China.


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