FASHION FROM ABROAD: Holler for a Collar

Fashion From Abroad

I met another traveling duo this week during my search for Barcelona´s Next Top Fashionista/o. Taking off a year to travel Europe, this South Korean has already explored Germany, Slovenia, Turkey and more. Not only is he enriching himself with a once-in-a-lifetme experience, but he has been shopping along the way.

He picked up his H&M pants in Poland, his shirt and Atlantis coat online and his shoes in Spain´s ever-popular Zara.

Aside from his intuitively balanced color combination and effortlessly stylish Giorgio Armani shades, this Fashionisto is displaying a worldwide fashion trend: the collar.

Worn by itself or paired under a v-neck sweater, button-down collared shirts are a versatile solution to any boring outfit. They can be worn solo in warmer weather, but even in cooler temperatures, a collar is the way to go. It is a great base layer for coats and heavy knits. With a variety of colors and prints, you can play up your image with different types of collared shirts. Take for example the chambray shirt.

Women have also caught onto the privilegs of these tops. Sometimes tied in a knot at the bottom over a flowy skirt or adding spikes to the collar, the possibilities are endless with this one simple article of clothing.


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