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I’m usually the kind of shopper that likes to give every article of clothing I see in a store a chance. I strongly believe that you never really know if you like a piece of clothing or not until it’s physically on your body. However, whenever I see anything yellow in a store, I quickly turn the other way. For some reason, I find yellow a very hard color to pull off. It’s bright, risky and screams for attention. To create an outfit with a vibrant shade of yellow in it, a Fashionista needs to be tactful in what she chooses to pair her sunny statement piece with.

This Fashionista’s outfit is perfect for a rainy day. Of course, her bright yellow rain coat from Lands’ End is the centerpiece of the outfit. The yellow color of the coat is beautifully complemented by the deep green of her Hunter boots. Both pieces are fashionable and totally functional for stormy weather. This Fashsionista pairs these rainy day pieces with more neutral staples. She layers a warm UNIQLO shirt underneath a textured blue and white sweater from Urban Outfitters. American Apparel leggings complete the look, as they tuck in seamlessly to her boots.

Everyone has colors that they think they look best in! For me, it’s blue and brown. However, Fashionistas must remember not to get stuck in the pattern of only wearing their favorite colors. Try riskier colors like this Fashionista does! Pick out a statement color that you normally would shy away from — like yellow or bright orange — and pair it with softer colors that you feel comfortable in. This will give you the best of both worlds! You’ll have the comfort of your staple colors and the adventure of trying something a little bit bolder!


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