FASHION FROM ABROAD: Heavenly Haircuts

Fashion From Abroad

Coco Chanel once said, “A woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life.” Having just cut off my own long locks, I couldn’t agree more. A fresh hair cut gives you a new perspective on life and your own self image. It also makes you look at your wardrobe in a completely different way. It can make outfits that used to feel bland have a totally new vibe.

This Fashionista went from a brown pixie cut to this bolder hair style that I absolutely love. She bleached it herself but got it professionally trimmed and buzzed. She complements this daring hair cut with an outfit that plays with edgy staples and feminine accents. Her new hairstyle works perfectly with her leather jacket from Express and combat boots. Her lacy white top gives this look a girly and filrtatious touch. She lets just the right amount of skin peak through the lace by pairing it with an opened sweater and a bra instead of a camisole. Her classic Levi’s jeans and handmade scarf finish off this unique look.

College is the perfect time to experiment with new hairstyles! It’s your last chance to do something a little daring with you hair before you enter the professional world. Earlier this semester, I dyed the tips of my hair purple for a show I was performing in.  Although I ended up only keeping it for a few weeks, it was a fun excuse to explore edgier sides of my wardorable and personality.  It made me rethink how to put together outfits using clothes that I’ve had forever. My style advice for this week would be to take a risk and try something new with your hair! Something as simple as styling your hair differently might inspire you to make a bold and inventive fashion choice!


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