FASHION FROM ABROAD: Glitter And Trainers

Fashion From Abroad

The first week back at school is exhausting for anyone, but I’m having an especially tough time adjusting this semester due to the combination of missing my original flight, battling jet-lag and, of course, missing my loved ones on the other side of the Atlantic. It can be very easy to forget why I signed up to do this, but every day when I start to cross the Waterloo Bridge, London reminds me why I love it so much. It is literally impossible to make it to class without being inspired by at least five Fashionistas. I spotted this particular Fashionista on my way back from Starbucks (jet-lag, remember!) and I was immediately impressed by her ability to wear so many different patterns and textures without looking a hot mess.

This Fashionista proves that with confidence you can wear anything and make it look fabulous. How else could anyone get away with wearing a sequin/cargo jacket with a hot pink collar, a floral skirt, leopard bag and denim Converse All-Stars? In addition to guaranteeing you will stand out in any crowd you frequent that day, putting pieces that don’t conventionally pair together allows you to re-arrange your wardrobe and create so many outfits from the clothes that you already own.

This outfit is typical of the effort that I see London Fashionistas putting into their everyday outfits. I ran into this Fashionista on her way from class, and even though it was the first week back and really no one wanted to be there, she still took the time out to craft her outfit and carefully apply her makeup. It is this consistency and attention to detail that I love so much about fashion here­ because I have found that whether or not I’m going to have a stressful day (or week), it always makes me feel better and more confident to know that I’m proud of how I look. And if nothing else goes right during the day, well, at least I looked good!


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