FASHION FROM ABROAD: Getting Down to Business

Fashion From Abroad

Part of college is learning how to act professional and yes that includes dressing professionally. It is just a part growing up. Business fashion is just as important as any other fashion. In fact, business fashion epitomizes the meaning of “dress to impress.” When going to a job interview or career fair, like this Fashionista, it’s important to balance looking professional while keeping an original style. Standing out in a crowd of black jackets and trousers is not always an effortless task.

Women in the work force don’t always have it easy. However, in terms of business casual dress they have the upper hand. There’s no reason to walk around in a bland stiff jacket with old lady clogs. Instead, you can follow this Fashionista’s look in order to keep it cool and still mean business. This Fashionista color-blocks with different shades of neutral colors. Her white collared shirt stands out perfectly out of her beige cardigan. She also manages to pull of the pencil skirt, a staple for a perfect interview outfit. It hits her at just the right spot, which is very important for petite ladies such as this Fashionista and myself. Another key accessory that this Fashionista is wearing is a pair of black flats. They are the most useful pair of shoes a girl can own (next to her black pumps of course).

At times, looking professional can seem more intimidating than the interview itself. Wearing prim and proper clothes, like this Fashionista, will leave you looking your best. It’s always important to look qualified and ready for any company representative. But remember, maintaining confidence and a smiling face is the best effect you can leave on anyone!


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