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Dear fellow Fashionistas/os, can you ever sense someone’s coolness? You run into someone and automatically, you can literally just feel their coolness oozing out of every pore of their body. Well, that’s how I felt when I came across this Fashionisto.

To be honest, at first, I was flustered by this Fashionisto’s nonchalant, but still collected style. The layers of this outfit were synchronized to a T; giving off a casual, retro look. The first layer was a vinyl record graphic T-shirt. This monotonous retro shirt was a good base to accent the second layer — a brightly colored button-up. I loved the adventurous and colorful accents that this funky button-up provide. I actually discovered later, that he stole this item from his dad’s closet; adding vintage inspired pieces is a great way to wear the retro look. Finally, this Fashionisto sported a leather jacket that gave it the final “cool factor” that it needed. A nice touch of detail, I have to add, were the red shoelaces in the leather sneakers. It was a nice pop of color to add to the retro style.

A good way to copy this Fashionisto’s style would be to pair your favorite graphic T-shirt with a leather jacket. Wearing your favorite shirt will give you the confidence you need to look careless and cool. If you’re looking for something retro like this Fashionisto’s button-up shirt, this is a fun option to make your outfit pop. Make sure to pair these tops with solid colored pants, so that the highlight piece can be accented! Get funky with it!


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