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Everywhere you look, the streets are crawling with furred-out Fashionistas. Headbands, hats, scarves and coats in all different colors are found on every corner. They make a statement from far away and capture your attention against the backdrop of dreary London streets. Whether it’s real or faux, everyone’s got something fuzzy to add some flair to their outfit.

This week’s Fashionista was spotted wandering around Trafalgar Square. This is a hot tourist spot in London, and this French Mademoiselle was seen wearing one of Europe’s most popular trends. Her chocolate fur coat gives texture to an outfit that is the standard dark hue of London style. It also adds some warmth from the typical icy winds that barrel down the small alleys and streets. Her wide-brimmed hat protects her from the scattered sprinkles of showers that come and go throughout the day. Her tights provide minimal warmth but look ever so cute paired with her protective booties. Like this Fashionista, wearing an extra pair of socks keeps your feet toasty when you’re walking on the cold cement all day. Her handbag is perfect for having easy and quick access to her camera to snap some great shots of Big Ben right down the street. From head to toe, she’s ready to take on the town.

Although we don’t have such chilly weather at home, fur can always be added to your outfit as an accessory instead of a staple. My favorite is the small fur trim found on the collar lining of coats. It’s small enough to still make a statement, but not give you too much heat. Incorporating this fad into your wardrobe is both easy and fun, you can feel snuggly all day long!


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