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I’ll always remember buying my first pair of Timberland boots. I was in the second grade and my mom took me took me back to school shopping for new shoes. As I scanned the walls for what I was going to try on, one pair of Timberlands caught my eye. They were navy blue suede and had light up flowers on them. What more could a second grade Fashionista possibly want?! Although I no longer sport my light up Timberlands, I still think they are an excellent addition to a Fashionista’s wardrobe. Timberlands give any outfit an edgy and funky flair! They’re perfect to thrown on with your favorite staples as you’re running out the door.

This Fashionista makes her Timberlands work by pairing them with a streamlined all-black outfit. She layers a knitted flowing sweater over a solid black T-shirt.  She pairs these pieces with lululemon leggings and thick gray socks. I love how she folds her socks over and tucks them into her boots. Lastly, she accessorizes this outfit beautifully with a gorgeous Micheal Kors watch and matching brown bracelet.

This Fashionista’s Timberland boots take this outfit to a new level. They give a relatively simple outfit just the right amount of a funky feeling. If Timberlands aren’t particularly your style, you can get the same effect with other kinds of edgy shoes. A pair of all studded ankle boots or brightly colored high-top sneakers would also give an outfit like this a totally new vibe. Fun shoes like this Fashionista’s Timberlands are a great way to accessorize any outfit!


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