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Can you imagine a life without color? Neither can I. Nothing brightens up the day more than the hues of the color wheel. Why live a black and white life when you can spruce it up? Men should embrace color by illuminating their style with some amazing bold pieces.

For most men, wearing colors other than the neutrals can be considered daring. Honestly though, what better time to experiment with pastels and primary colors than in the spring? Adding color to a man’s outfit is extremely appealing and really catches the ladies eyes.

This Fashionisto, who is wearing two of my favorite shades, captured the best way to wear color by color-blocking. His ensemble exemplified color-blocking flawlessly. He even managed to match the emblem on his shirt to the color of his trousers. These two solid colors look phenomenal together, which really made him stand out. Looking at his top and bottoms, you would think it seems very preppy. However, he really mixed things up by adding in his fresh white Nike Air Jordans.

Although this Fashionisto took color-blocking to a more drastic level, there are plenty of other ways to rock this style. Instead, you can incorporate neutrals since they support brighter colors and make them very visually appealing. Your outfit can be as simple as a pair of jeans with a pop of two contrasting colors in the rest of your outfit. For a typical day of classes, color-blocking is way more exciting than a typical pair of jeans and a white T-Shirt.

Color-blocking can be super fun in anyone’s ensemble. Knowing what colors work together for your personal look will benefit you. All you need to know is what colors look best together and you will be noticed for all the right reasons. For example, a nice emerald green and a pretty pastel yellow will definitely pop during the upcoming seasons.


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