FASHION FROM ABROAD: Florence’s Famous Fashion

Fashion From Abroad

During my time spent in Florence, Italy and traveling throughout Europe so far I have noticed every city has something unique for which it is known. Venice is known for their beautiful canals, Rome for their extremely high end shopping streets and Florence for their leather markets. On almost every street corner here in Florence you can find leather handbags, jackets, boots, gloves and anything else leather you can imagine!

When I spotted this Fashionista’s outfit I immediately knew I needed to document it. She captured the true essence of Florence fashion by incorporating leather into her entire outfit. From her boots to her jacket, this look works perfectly without going too overboard on the leather. As students studying abroad, we want to try as hard as we can to not stand out like such sore thumbs for reasons such as us not wanting to be targets for pickpocketers, and we want to embrace the styles found here.

This Fashionista’s outfit helps her blend in while also standing out by having incredible style. Her signature black-on-black style looks just as chic and amazing as the views we have all been taking in while abroad! Her infinity scarf layered over her sweater and jacket helps to keep warm in the Florence weather. Here in Florence this look is pretty attainable due to all the leather markets, factories and boutiques. I have to give credit to this Fashionista as she truly mastered the perfect combination of Italian style combined with her own personal style, staying true to her roots while exploring a whole new world.


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