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Fashion From Abroad

Graphics, patterns, prints and various creative designs have exploded this season appearing on just about any piece of clothing or accessory out there. Whether it be Louis Vuitton’s iconic logo or houndstooth repetition, patterning has covered huge grounds in the fashion industry and these days you really can’t go a day without seeing it somewhere. With the prevalence of patterns and graphics in every Fashionista/o’s wardrobe, one must weigh the question of how to wear it, with what and when. We’ve all seen disasters of excessive animal print or the combination of shapes that are in no way cohesive; when it comes down to it, mastering the skill of matching your prints with aesthetically pleasing counterparts can be a challenge. Last year on the runway, we saw the likes of Vera Wang fearlessly mixing and matching different prints, but when it comes to our own closets it’s a courageous step to take.

How do we match the pizzaz of Maison Martin Margiela without looking like we dressed ourselves with our eyes closed? Again, the key is moderation if you’re feeling a little cautious about excessive patterning, and bold experimentation if you’re feeling confident about your style choices.

I met today’s Fashionistan outside Cité internationale universitaire de Paris. Studying abroad in Paris in the midst of Fashion Week means making the most of your wardrobe choices because frankly, you’re in the fashion capital of the world during one of the most momentous times of the year. This Fashionista does a fantastic job incorporating bold prints into her wardrobe by going for floral pants and solid colored accessories. Her outfit is 1/2 loud and 1/2 quiet, allowing for certain aspects about her to stand out, while the rest of her style pieces compliment her vision for the day. Her white peacoat is great because the color allows her to stand out, but the cut of the jacket remains casual with a sophisticated edge. Brown wedges are essential to any girl commuting within the city because the color is versatile and you get height along with comfort.

Spotted: Louis Vuitton doing what they do best, patterning. This Fashionista channeled her inner LV by choosing to adorn herself with printed pants.


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