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This Fashionista got another stamp on her passport this weekend from Dublin, Ireland! Although I’m Irish so I am biased, I highly recommend everyone take a trip because Dubliners are the nicest people, have great hearty food and some beautiful views. The one thing I kept observing though is that the fashion is completely different. I did not expect women in Ireland to dress that differently from the British, but they have their own unique look to each outfit they sport. The women in Dublin are fearless about experimenting with past decades trends. They do get some help exploring retro looks from the abundance of vintage shops in Dublin with a great selection of overalls, ’80s swimsuits and the greatest chunky sweaters I have ever laid eyes on.

I took a day trip to the beach in Howth, which is where I found this Fashionista! Being close to the water may have gorgeous views but high winds so she opted for layers for her cliff walk. Her classic white Chuck Taylors are comfortable, match with everything and very trendy. She contrasted her shoes with her dark wash jeans for a monochromatic look. Similar jeans can be found at Levi’s and come in all different kinds of cuts because who only has one pair of jeans! Her jean and jean (or Canadian tuxedo!) outfit with the lighter wash button-up shirt is everything? To copy her top, look to Madewell in your local mall or online! A chunky scarf keeps you warm or when you get warmer from hiking up the cliffs you can unravel a level or two. Although I opted for a beach day during my holiday away, it is still February and very chilly, so this Fashionista kept warm in an oversized black coat. She got this from Zara and it is the perfect length to keep warm but if you get warmer you can untie the waist and show off your top! This Fashionista is the best-dressed hiker I have ever seen, please give her a round of applause!


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