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When I think of the “all-jean style” it usually brings me back to a vintage ’60s, when it used to be cool to wear jean on jean. It also brings me back to memories of my dad, who still wears the jean on jean look, but can’t quite pull it off that fashionably. I’ve never been one for this style, but my Fashionista is able to identify two different colored pieces of denim, with a separation of stripes in between the top and bottom part of her outfit. She is dressed in a casual/basic attire, but with confidence, unafraid to pair two similar materials of clothing together. In addition, on top, her jean jacket is different than usual. She goes for the light-wash denim, versus the medium wash original blue. This jacket is a staple “overcoat” to many girls who are studying abroad in the warm country of Israel. It’s not too light and definitely not too heavy. It’s just right –an easy piece to throw over a light t-shirt, long sleeve top; it works with everything.

This Fashionista was in a denim daze. The jean jacket is a classic craze, that came, left and is now back in the trending pieces of spring 2014 fashion. On top her light-washed blue denim jacket was a combination of two different polar opposite materials. The soft, sleek black leather on the sleeves sewed into the hard, rough denim material that made up the vest shaped part of the jacket. Underneath this, the two-tone grays of the striped shirt were the perfect addition of neutral colors, if not to overpower the denim blue hue of the outfit. Her skinny silhouette jeans were a classic, medium-washed blue, which provided a contrast to the lighter wash on top. In addition, her school bag was anything but one’s typical “backpack,” my Fashionista carried a large grayish-tan snakeskin tote bag with brown leather straps. As for her shoes, because it’s clearly already summer here in Israel, a pair of black open-side sandals. Sandals are appropriate almost year-round here in Israel.

This outfit is jeanius. Each piece offers versatility and can be paired with endless options of clothing– whether the outfit needs to be casual or dressy. The jean-on-jean is making a comeback scene.


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