FASHION FROM ABROAD: Colors Mixed with Prints

Fashion From Abroad

With the cold front that has hit Dublin this past week, it feels as if fashion may be a hard find because outfits are hidden under peacoats and military inspired jackets. Nonetheless, Fashionistas and Fashionistos express their creativity and individuality through their outer garments. This list includes: scarves, coats, shoes and hats. Such silhouettes can be found amidst the city. Take for example this week’s Fashionista, her yellow peacoat and plaid scarf duo adds to a fashionable look.

This Fashionista’s outfit is artsy and simply fashionable. The mix of colors and incorporation of prints created through her layering expresses a stylish look. First and foremost she sports a yellow peacoat. This item in itself is a fashion statement because yellow is a bright color and therefore contrasts the winter’s gloom. She has also paired this item with a plaid scarf. Her red plaid scarf creates a preppy look that is complemented by her coat. Furthermore, the Fashionista has also layered these pieces with a pendant necklace, tie-dye top and black tights. This mix of colors and prints form a creative look that communicates personal style because the fuse of preppy and urban styles suggests an eclectic look.

Additionally, this Fashionista’s shoes add to her eclectic look. The buckle boots hold a sandal-like style and when worn during the colder season convey a fashion statement. This Fashionista has turned the boots into a shoe that can be worn in the fall because they are paired with black tights. This combination is an innovative way of wearing sandals and adds to this Fashionista’s eclectic look. Overall, a mix of styles communicate a Fashionista with personal style. Incorporating a variety of colors, prints and styles with a new perspective fashions an eye-catching look.

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